Family of Deer

Family of Deer

Sean Kenney
Level 0, Building 2.

Billund is situated between the lush forests of east Jutland and the grassy moors of the west. It is a landscape where deer families visit and pass through. When we are lucky enough to spot them, those are the times we pause, look at the deer families and breathe in the gift of nature. In order to pay homage to the area and bring nature inside, we chose to invite a family of deer into LEGO® Campus.

The deer sculptures are symbolic in their portrayal of family and elegantly combine nature and nurture. We see ourselves in our children and nurture them to become better than ourselves. The baby fawn has picked up color patterns from both of her parents, a literal blending of the buck and doe that are protecting and caring for her.

Family of deer
Image of the doe protecting and caring for the fawn.

Story and inspiration

Just as LEGO bricks interconnect, everything in nature is connected in a very delicate balance. Plants and animals have special relationships. Flowers and insects are often reliant on each other. The inspiration for the sculpture came from the artist's love of nature and the special relationship between parents and their offspring.

When building his sculptures, Sean Kenney always tries to imbue life into the creatures and make them feel animated. He wants his sculptures to feel alive and for there to be some magic to them. The sculpture shows a doe caring for her young fawn while the buck keeps a keen lookout. You can almost feel the personalities of the deer family from their poses alone.

Family of deer
Image of the 'Family of deer' by artist Sean Kenney

Highlights and details

The deer family was inspired from Sean Kenney’s many realistic nature sculptures, as well as his work in his travelling exhibition ‘Nature POP!’. The colorful, punchy, playful sculpture shows the beauty and balance in nature in a form that pops out of their natural surroundings.

The colored lines that run through the sculptures represent genetic strands. The buck and doe have different color strands that come together and mix in the fawn.

Family of deer
Image of the doe protecting and caring for the fawn, while the buck is scouting for danger and proctecting both doe and fawn.

About the artist

Sean Kenney is a renowned, award-winning artist and “professional kid” who uses LEGO elements to design and create contemporary sculptures. His traveling exhibitions have been touring North America, Asia, and Europe since 2012, bringing joy and amazement to millions of people.

Sean has always been a huge fan of LEGO toys, and even as he grew up and became an adult he kinda kept them there and he continued playing with them, but started to view the LEGO bricks as a medium; as something that you could create anything with. Sean pours a lot of himself and his experiences into his sculptures, as he wants to show what the creatures are doing and feeling and make you relate to that thing. In other cases he wants to showcase the beauty of nature or the simplicity of something.

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