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We help companies build creative and inspiring workspaces.

With Artboost for business we help companies find the perfect art and facilitate the custom commisioned artworks and murals.

Commisioned art and
tailored art installations

Case for Danske bankCase for Danske bank

The benefits
of art at
the office

Having art at the office doesn’t only make your office stand out. It boosts innovation, drives creativity and makes people happy.

With Artboost, employees are involved throughout the entire process, to ensure we bring their artistic vision to life and empower them to have control over their working environment. Empowered employees are less stressed, more involved, and up to 30% more productive

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Art and business
— a match made
in heaven

“A bright creative workspace makes employees more productive, lower stress and increase wellbeing.”

Forbes + University of Exeter

“Art enables you to showcase your brand story in a different way and create branded experiences at your office.”

EY + Danish Industry Association

“Original and limited edition art is a great investment, that is exempt from taxation, no matter whether it’s paintings or murals.”



Acoustic art panels

Why not also make your office sound good at the same time you make it look good?

Soundscapes are soundabsorping art panels that fits in almost every office environment. The panels are certified with class A soundabsorption and made from 100% recycled materials.

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Case for Danske bankCase for Danske bank

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