Who is Artboost

Who is

Artboost is an art agency that offers all-round bespoke curatorial services to companies, organizations, and institutions who want to create inspirational experiences for their customers, visitors and employees. 

Artboost represents a carefully selected community of artists to ensure high quality, originality and diversity throughout its many commissioned projects.

Curatorial statement



We animate spaces with art. We wish to create living and working areas that foster a sense of inclusivity and belonging, express our shared history and unfold positive futures. We are attached to the power of aesthetic storytelling to sustain collective identities and nurture emerging cultures.

Our curators are always on the lookout to collaborate with artists whose expression spans across a wide range of styles, mediums and techniques attuned to reconstitute a contemporary quality and feel. Together, we craft commissioned projects that articulate their individual touch, while aiming to move and elevate everyone.  

We believe in the right for artists to achieve financial and cultural self-determination. As such, we support young talents and outstanding amateurs who wish to make a living from their practice, via the Artboost Foundation.

Photo - Kirstine Autzen


Art has the power to influence anyone
Art has the power to change society for the better
It's ok to love art, even though you don't get it
it's ok to hate art, even though you don't get it
Art should enable great artists to prosper while alive
Art can be bought, but never the artist
Art belongs in spaces where everyone can experience it
Art can be functional without losing its artistic value
Everyone is an artist
Art is for everyone

The team

Anders Cederholm
Head of sales & Co-founder
Mikkel Steen
CEO & Co-founder
Signe Sylvester
Head of Artist Relations & Curator
Christina Dvinge
Head of Curation