The art world is broken

— we’re fixing it.

Artboost is an art platform. We let art lovers discover, artists prosper and together we change the world of art.

For too long, the art world has been controlled by an exclusive elite that drives up prices and makes art inaccessible.

Through digital platforms and real world movements we’re changing that.

Art is about moving people and that most definitely shouldn't be a privilege for the few.

Art is for everyone.

Let us seduce you into the wide, wild world of art.

Finding great art shouldn't be difficult - or crazy expensive for that matter. The only thing you should do is find out whether a piece of art moves you or not

— we’ll take care of the rest

Artboost lets you discover and buy original art directly from independent artists worldwide.

Tell us what you like, or let us seduce you into the wide, wild world of art.

Finally, your art is in your hands.

As an artist, getting your art out there is hard and getting discovered is even harder — yet the possibilities for reaching a global audience have never been greater. That doesn't make sense.

Artboost lets you exhibit, promote and sell your art to a global audience of passionate art lovers. Create your own gallery, tell your story, seduce, shout.

Get discovered.

The artworld is broken
– we're fixing it!
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