Artist Index

Our Artist Index is a digital collection of artists and their portfolios. We use the Artist Index to present potential artists, projects, and artworks to our customers. On an ongoing basis, we also send out Open Calls from companies, and institutions to artists who are a part of the index.

Being a part of the Artist index increases your chances of selling existing pieces or getting commissioned to create site-specific artworks.

Read more about a potential collaboration with Artboost on this page.

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Artist Iris Bakker installing her commissioned artworks at Be My Eyes together with Artboost founder Anders Cederholm.
Watch Head of Artist Relations Signe Sylvester guide you through the application flow.


The artist's potential for future collaboration is assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Experience with decorating assignments and company collaborations.
  • The practical, thematic and aesthetic relevance of previous works for Artboost's primary customers.
  • Artistic quality in relation to material knowledge, technique and originality.
  • A consistent style, media and / or method that shows that the artist is specialized and skilled within the field.
  • A real interest in collaborating with both commercial and public companies and institutions.

An artist does not have to meet all of the above criteria to be included in the index.

Artists can expect a response within 14 days of the application deadline.

We encourage everyone regardless of gender, ethnicity, age and background to apply to become a part of our Artist Index.

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Types of customers and tasks

Artboost works with both private companies, public / private institutions and municipalities. Among others, we have developed and curated projects for PFA Pension, Aarhus University, LEGO, TetraPak, Aarhus municipality and many more.

Our customers have very different wishes, needs and budgets, which also means that the scope of the projects varies greatly. Artists represented in our index have an increased chance of getting offered decorating assignments and selling existing works, but is in no way a guarantee of a certain number of presentations, projects or income.

Most tasks involve the sale of existing artworks and / or the development, production and installation of site-specific artworks. In addition, a project may also involve several artists being invited to do sketch work, after which the customer and curator in collaboration choose which ideas and artists to work on. In some cases, the customer is interested in the artist conducting a creative workshop or Artist Talk, which typically aims to involve and engage employees and / or stakeholders.

Furthermore, artists in the index can expect ongoing contact with our Artist Relation Manager, with updates on opportunities, relevant news, evaluation of projects and professional sparring.

All tasks mentioned above are compensated by agreement with the individual artist. Read more under ‘Payment’.

Artist duo Hvass & Hannibal working on their commissioned piece for Fenrishus.
Artist Thomas Pålsson during production of a video based workshop.

Payment and remuneration

The size of compensation depends on the size of the project, the artist's experience, the scope of the work, and the artist's involvement in the project.

In some cases we have bought a single work for a few thousand kroner, and in other cases ordered a site-specific works for several 100,000 kroner. The size of compensation is always agreed before the artist signs a contract and begins the work.

It is important to us that artists are paid fairly for their work. This means that we naturally compensate for sketch work, idea development, artist talks and workshops, even if the customer ultimately chooses another artist to deliver and / or create a work.

We pay for artistic work according to BKF's recommendations.

Please note that being listed in our Artist Index, as well as participation in Open Calls is not remunerated, as this is an open process where the number of artists participating is not limited.

Terms and conditions

For a more in-depth description of artists' rights, obligations and conditions for the collaboration with Artboost, you can read our Terms and Conditions here.

When an artist is included in our index, we have an expectation that the artist agrees with the rights, obligations and conditions for the collaboration described in the Terms and Conditions. Therefore, it is recommended that you read our Terms and Conditions before applying to be represented in the Artboost artist index.

In addition to the general Terms and Conditions, a specific contract is always developed and signed in connection with a major assignment. That is: tasks that involve more than simple sale of existing works. If relevant, a purchase agreement can also be made, specifying discounts and special agreements for the purchase of several existing works.

Artists in our index are of course not required to provide or develop artworks, sketches, talks or otherwise contribute to the projects they are offered before a contract for the specific project is signed. 

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Artist Phuc Van Dang painting a mural at Designit.