Creating experiences with art that are engaging, surprising, and accessible for both the art newbie and expert is our goal.

Every project is tailored to the organisation's specific needs and wishes. In general you can expect a project to go through four phases: investigation, curation, implementation and communication. Read more about our different services below.

An artwork which integrates with buildings and space cannot only enhance the experience but also the performance of a space.

Textiles can improve sound, sculptures can act as natural space dividers and a light installation can make the dark stairwell preferable over the lift.

But how do you find the right artist with the needed skills, experience and creativity, to meet your specific needs? 

When working with Site Specific art projects, we help you through the whole process, from idea to final artwork, including identification of potential artists, collecting sketches, negotiation with artists, installation and communication. 

Explore our previous projects and get in contact with our curator if you want to know more. 

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An inspiring environment influences work satisfaction and can be a catalyst for strong company cultures, healthy work environments and social coherence.

With a permanent art exhibition spreading across offices, hallways, meeting rooms and/or lunchrooms, it is possible to create coherence across divisions which enables creativity and curiosity in both employees and visitors, and becomes an outset for reflections.

Our Curator and Art Consultant will, based on interviews with relevant stakeholders in your company, identify artworks, plan and execute installation of the selected pieces as well as develop communication material to be shared with the whole organization. 

Explore our previous projects and get in contact with our curator if you want to know more. 

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The urge for a green transition is emerging across the globe, and companies need to incorporate sustainability across their business. But tackling the complexity of sustainability at a communicative level, can be tricky.

Site specific installation by Thomas Dambo for a large Danish company

We have a wide network of artists that can help you make the sustainability agendas tangible and comprehensible. By upcycling discarded objects or waste materials and turning them into beautiful storytelling pieces that resonate across the business, sustainability becomes top of mind for employees.

Download our Turning Waste Into Art Catalog or get in contact with our curator. 

Interactive art installation made from recycled plastic by A Circular Design Studio for a large Danish company

In the right setting and context, art can be a catalyst for social coherence and sustainable change, hence integrating art in a workspace, building or public area can be an important part of a larger development strategy.

Based on relevant research, we can help you develop an Art strategy with strong arguments, the right artists and initiatives. This way you can increase your organisations, buildings or areas’ chances of receiving funding, qualify for sustainability certificates (e.g. DGNB),  and ultimately lift the experience of the space and environment. 

Do you want to explore the opportunities?  Do not hesitate to get in contact. 

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Employee workshop with artist Thomas Pålsson for large Danish company