Artboost foundation


We believe that art is and must be for the benefit of all, regardless of social, cultural and economic background. Art creates space for important questions, reflections and conversations about our common history, culture, and future. It shall never become a privilege for a few to participate in the community.

The intention of making art accessible to a wide audience, far too often, result in poor working conditions of the performing artist, who is expected to contribute cheap or even free labor. This is not only to philanthropic art projects but also to museum exhibitions, commercial commissioned works and other artistic work. However, even the most dedicated and philanthropic artist can not live by visibility and experience.

We recognise this challenge and therefore we have set up the Artboost Foundation.


Talent development of visual artists
Artists can seek financial aid and/or free advice to the realisation of their own exhibitions and artistic projects that are expected to have a significant impact on their career or artistic development.
(In the beginning of 2022, Artboost will launch a career development program: Young Talents. More info coming in the fall of 2021).

Visual art in public spaces
Artists, organisations and companies can apply for financial resources to the realisation of works of art that are publicly available. Financial ressources are primarily awarded for the artist's fee. In addition, companies can apply for free consultation of curating artists.

Projects that improves the working conditions for visual artists
Artists and organisations can apply for financial resources for the realisation of events and projects aimed at improving the working conditions of visual artists. Financial resources are primarily awarded to projects that are considered to have a major impact on artists' general working conditions.



Target audience

The purpose of the foundation is to support talents within visual arts in their artistic development and careers.

The current focus of the foundation is on Danish artists and artists residing in Denmark who work within visual arts, including but not exclusively sculpture, painting, drawing, printing, lighting and video can apply to the foundation.

We prioritise projects from companies and organizations that have a philanthropic, sustainable and cultural vision.

Part of the foundations funds also contribute to internal programs, including but not exclusively the talent program ‘Young Talents’.

Frequently asked questions

PR and Marketing
The Artboost Foundation can sponsor photographers, journalists and videographers to document a project that falls under one of the above descriptions.

Upon subsequent use of the material, it is a requirement that both the artist's name and Artboost be credited as such. ‘Art by xxxx’ and ‘Sponsored by Artboost’

How is Artboost Foundation financed
Artboost helps companies and organizations select, curate and implement art in workplaces and public spaces. From these projects, 5% of the total budget always goes to the fund.

In addition, some companies and organizations choose to donate finances, access to free exhibition and office space and / or free advice to artists through the fund.

Artist can apply by sending an email to with a description and purpose of the project, budget, and sketches (if applicable). The funds will be allocated to the projects that has the most impact according to the foundations goals. The  application round closes on October 1st 2021 and the recipients will receive their funds by December 2021 or at the applicable time.