We wanted to create a co-working space that embodies our mantra “Let’s kill the ordinary office!” by decorating the 2000 m2 in a way the alludes to and urban luxury hotel in a european metropolitan, rather than a steril and stereotypical office. We have tried to create a house where one is inspired by the beautiful details while having the peace and quiet to develop ones business, while we handle all the practical. The canvas of premium materials, jazzy lounge music, and a location 50 meters from the ocean creates a feeling of self-indulgence that offers an extra drive to work.
Ulf Monrad Gaardsted, CEO Companyons


Our artful touch came as a playful top-up of Fellow’s well-defined aesthetic identity. In a manifestly Scandinavian heritage, Fellow managed to balance out elegance and vibrance, work and hygge, rawness and sophistication. The coarseness of the building was tempered with a selection of minimalist furniture of softer shapes and vivid colors. Features of rick, oak tree, brass and natural stones reminded of an atelier-like set up. Therefore, our curatorial framework needed to be versatile and stimulate the space towards fulfilling its initial purpose: being a hub capable of inspiring the diverse community of professionals it welcomes, from independent consultants or freelancers, to building start-ups or running booming scale-ups.


By decorating the vast office in a way that alludes to an urban luxury metropolitan hotel,  we realized how Fellow too shared our mantra: “Let’s kill the ordinary office”. Our curatorial perspective opened up for the opportunity of letting several artists invest the working area with artworks made of premium materials.  With the intention to accentuate Fellow’s fruitful interplay between shapes, colors and materials, we wanted to fill their space with subtle yet charming wonders, to instill a feeling of self-indulgence that offers an extra-drive to work. 

Add some jazz lounge music, pay attention to the oceanic landscape nearby, and you have the perfect location to facilitate growth hacking and creative business ideation.