Time moves from left to right, and we start back when there were only fields, barns and livestock. Later came construction work, where workers of different periods and industries filled the courtyards. Through the years, there were hauliers, carpenters, breweries and electromechanical factory and much more. We end up with the squatters in the 1980s-90s on the far right. The Chaos Pilot, who flies over the illustration alludes to the recent days of Industrigaarden.
Thomas Pålsson, Artist


Sinding & Co wanted to celebrate the rich industrial and cultural history of the courtyards between Mejlgade and Studsgade in Aarhus. They wanted a large artwork in the entranceway, that told the story of the area and invited visitors into the new courtyard that is being built between the historic houses.


We asked artist Thomas Pålsson to interpret the rich history of the area, and in his usual fashion, he dove head-first into the project. Thomas worked with both Sinding & Co and local history archive to uncover the select stories that he immortalised on an 8 meter long canvas.“I’ve started with the concrete events and environments in Industrigaarden through time and the artwork is primarily based on authentic historical photos from the particular place.