We had the great pleasure of working with Artboost in our pursuit of the perfect wall decoration. We knew that we wanted to add action and atmosphere in our office surroundings but quickly realised that we needed to work with a professional company in order to bring our vision to life. Artboost stepped in and quickly presented us with a lot of ideas and we were sold immediately. Thanks a million to both artists, Iris Bakker and Artboost for the splendid result.
Adam Lyhne, Founder, Shouter


Shouter has developed a vivid, familiar and galvanizing identity. For this project, our curation consisted in making the walls of their workplace shout the same flair and ‘umph’ that makes their DNA. In order to make an art piece that reflects their energy, we knew we had to go big. 


Working with Shouter’s brand color and graphic elements, we created a bold wall that mirrors their brand. For this, we teamed up with Iris Bakker to create the wall. The mural brings a hint of pop and contributes to keep the company’s ethos fresh and alive. 

Now, whenever you step into Shouter’s Aarhus HQ, no need to ask questions anymore. The walls are here to shout at you what you need to know.